Anger management depends on AWARENESS.  We each need to be aware when we are angry, recognizing our unique initial signs of anger.  We also need to be aware of how anger ideally works as a healthy force in our lives so that its positive information might be understood and its useful energy might be channeled in productive ways.  And, we need to be alert to the potential for harm which misused and misunderstood anger poses so that we can avoid its destructive effects. 


The Anger & Stress Management Center, Inc. (ASMC) is dedicated to teaching and promoting awareness and effective management of anger in order to help individuals improve the quality of their lives and in order to promote the general welfare and reap the benefits of a more harmonious and productive society overall.

ASMC strives to accomplish this mission through a full range of counseling services and psycho-educational programs offered to individuals and couples.


The Anger Awareness Program covers four basic areas of information deisgned to help participants understand and manage their own anger more effectively and to respond in constructive ways to anger from others.

The program first focuses on awareness.  Participants will enhance awareness of their current experience of anger and look at how and what they have learned about anger.  The program then presents information about how anger should work and offers specific strategies for interrupting negative reactions, managing stress, and harnessing the positive energy of anger productively.  Anger serves us in constructive ways if we know how to recognize and channel it effectively through steady mindful presence. 

The second part of the program addresses thought processes.  How we think determines in large part what we feel.  Participants will learn to identify and challenge counter-productive beliefs and distortions which most commonly lead to anger problems.  Additionally, the program will teach a simple clear-thinking strategy which will help participants avoid self-defeating thoughts thus reducing counterproductive emotions and behaviors. This clear-thinking strategy will lead to more accurately interpreting the information anger is providing.

In the third section attention turns to communication.  How we communicate can create or correct anger problems.  How we communicate can be life and relationship draining or life and relationship serving.  Participants will learn and have the opportunity to practice effective listening and assertive self expression, and to deepen their understanding of the principles of life and relationship serving communication.
The program concludes with an exploration of old wounds and resentments which fuel anger today, and a discussion of self-esteem development and attachment experiences.  In this section, participants will identify and dispute beliefs about themselves which developed earlier in their lives and which give rise to current hot buttons, pain, anger and low self-esteem.  Individuals will learn to develop compassion for themselves and others as a way of healing these core hurts, and a clear process for building healthy self-esteem.   A primary focus of this sections is "HEALS," a technique developed by Steven Stosny, Ph.D. and widely recognized as an effective antidote for anger and shame problems.


The Anger Awareness Program generally takes eight to ten weeks to complete and is available througout the year to individuals and couples.  Sessions for individuals and couples are held on Wednesdays between 9:30 A.M. and 6 P.M.