Does this program satisfy court ordered requirements for anger management training?

If you have been ordered to take anger management training, this program generally meets court ordered requirements.  If you have been ordered to a "Batterers Intervention Program," this program will not meet your needs.  We will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Do the sessions have to be held on a weekly basis?

No.  Sessions are scheduled according to mutual convenience.  Generally, a weekly or every other week schedule is recommended.  However, when individuals have difficulty attending on a weekly or every other week basis, a more flexible schedule can be arranged.

Can all of the sessions be scheduled in a one week period?

No.  While we can sometimes schedule two sessions in a week, it is better to spread out the sessions to allow time to assimilate the material and practice the strategies and techniques.

What will determine whether the program is completed in eight, nine, ten or more sessions?

In order to be considered as having completed the Anger Awareness Program an individual must complete several requirements which include attending as many sessions as are necessary to cover the material contained in the program.  Generally this takes eight sessions, and rarely more than ten sessions.  In very occasional cases, if an individual is having difficulty in understanding or applying the information, is repeatedly or significantly late to sessions, or is experiencing other problems it may be necceary to attend additional sessions.  In these rare situations, we will discuss this with you and do all we can to work out the problems as quickly as possible.

Am I able to continue beyond the 10 sessions?

Yes.  Though the program can be completed in eight to ten sessions, many elect to continue well beyond the program to consolidate and deepen the understanding and skills gained and/or to address other issues of concern.