Dear Client:
             If you are attending the Anger Awareness Program because of a third party requirement, e.g., a court order, employer condition of continued employment, or immigration documentation, you will need a letter or certificate of completion at the end of this program. The following specifies the requirements for obtaining that letter or certificate.  You will need to:

1.         Attend all scheduled meetings.  If you need to miss a group meeting, you may make it up though an individual session at an additional cost of $70 per session.
2.         Be on time for sessions.  Being more than 15 minutes late may necessitate a make-up session.
3.         Actively participate in the meetings demonstrating a willingness to understand and use the basic principles and practices of effective anger management.*  In the group sessions,this may be accomplished in any of several ways such as joining in group discussions, taking part in small group exercises, or by returning the written exercises and speaking privately with me. In individual sessions, this can be accomplished by discussing your experiences in practicing the strategies presented or being able to explain the principles and concepts presented in your own words. 
4.         Make full payment of fees.

*          I understand that some individuals come to this program with the belief that they do not have a problem with anger and only intend to comply with a third party directive and obtain a certificate of completion.  If that is the case, I will work with you to make the information in the program relevant and useful to you so that you are able to benefit from your time and effort.  In these situations, you will need to be open to the program information if only as a possible support in enriching your life, and it will be necessary to demonstrate an understanding of the program content discussed in our sessions.

            When these conditions have been satisfied, I will provide a certificate of completion or write a letter to the appropriate authority reporting on your participation in the program, whichever you prefer.  

            I would like to reassure you that I am committed wholeheartedly to your successful completion of this program and am available to answer any questions or discuss any concerns which you might have.

                                                                                                Loretta G. Rowe, LPC, LMFT